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Change happens outside, transformation happens inside…

This might seem weird to most of my readers, writing in English is now a forgotten hobby to me…transformation. However, due to the fact that during this spiritual awakening I have read and watched many authors in English, many of my thoughts come to my mind in that language, and sometimes when translating them into Spanish I lose some of their essence. That’s the reason why today I turned on my pc and let my thoughts flow as they came, to share them publicly.


You know, I have been writing and sharing more and more every time about how this spiritual journey has taken me to my deepest, darkest inners, where I have unveiled fears, wrong habits, thoughts and of course, me itself. Discovering my real “me” has not been an easy issue, in fact, it has been one of the most challenging, painful, healing, and at the end, human experiences ever, because It hasn’t been a serendipity moment, but a whole real matter during the last seven years.

Change happens outside, transformation happens inside…

We may hear this quote often, but to live it and face it is not that simple, because what it really means is that, transformation is not becoming something or someone we want, but to unveiling who we have been the whole life. Sometimes we question life because of its lessons (pain, suffering, etc) that make us change and resist as it is something we do not expect, instead, transformation happens when we decide what must be changed from inside to follow the real “us”. So the question is not what we are doing, but who we are and why we are here to move forward.

Most of us were raised with the sole idea of growing, studying, finding a job, getting married, having children and just after all that, being happy. Based on that, we started a ride to fulfill a social (or family?) checklist of goals and steps to someday find happiness. As we grew up, we understood that being happy was a point in the future and not our present. This harmful mindset is taking us apart from the magic and unique feeling of being present here and now, unconscious of every moment, every person, every emotion, and every day.

Be self-aware and start living purposefully…

One year ago, I quit my job to start a new totally different challenge in life, to run my own NGO to empower others (women, specially) with technology in order for them to face the world we are building and that is rapidly changing and segregating those in vulnerable or less favored conditions. Before that, I was having a normal middle-class life in which worries were others but to collect things or plan my next travels. I am not complaining of anything, I do not have a reason to do it, I have been blessed for having a wonderful life. Even though, for years, very soon when I started to be more aware of myself, a strong “calling” was coming up from the deepest of my soul, so I just heard my heart and instinct and step out to follow my purpose.

I understood, my unique and meaningful journey was to encounter inside my own story, deal with my fears, find balance and work on a purposeful living.

Happiness is no longer a point in the future o even possessing a wealthy life or collecting moments, it can now be to live purposefully enjoying every moment, every experience, every person, paying attention to everything around and inside, and in doing so, living that sublime encounter with myself.

My life is not all perfect as you might think, however, I understood that when we do not escape from the lessons of life (pain, anger, frustration, love, etc.) we are uncovering all layers built by ego.

So do not forget that every change happens outside, transformation is an inner decision to evolve. Let’s enjoy simplicity of life as it comes to teach us lessons for you to be a better, conscious and compassive human being with you and others. Start thinking better what your purpose is and what would your legacy be to work for it. Enjoy your inner journey to wisdom. 


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Authors I read: Paul Young, Eckhart Tolle, Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai and Sheryl Sandberg.

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  1. Ami Khan

    Love this!! I totally agree and can relate to so
    much of what you’re saying.

    I’m so glad you chose to write an English blog because I can read it!!

    We have a similar mission to empower women….I will connect with you xx

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