Empowering women through ICTs!!

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Private and public colombian institutions and volunteer digital groups as #geekgirls and #brigadadigital  will gather this April 28th, 2011 through  an online transmission to celebrate the first annual International Girls in ICT Day. This Day has been established by the Global Network of women ICT WITNET – ITU Resolution 70, with the aim to foster an inclusive environment for the ICT empowerment of girls and women through personal, academic and professional development in careers related to Information and Communication Technologies

ICT is the fastest growing industry today and more jobs are created in this industry than any other. The same prospects are for the future. ICT has been identified as the industry that will lead forward world economies, improve lives of families across the globe and make the planet a smaller, more accessible place. Women should take a more prominent role in this process.

With the message, Empowering Women through ICTs! attendees will participate in a virtual seminar in which official reports, testimonies, iniciatives and actions that are being taken today will be presented with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies , Ministry of Education, the International Telecommunication Union and the UN in Colombia, as well as  evidence of colombian women who have developed interesting ICT process development, use and appropriation. 

This celebration is one of more than 200 taking place around the world. Schools, Univerisities, Government institutions and private companies – all will be joining in the celebrations, with the aim of exchanging ideas and experiences and trying to find ways to educate girls and young women that these new technologies are tools of empowerment and that a career in ICT offers new and exciting challenges and is very rewarding.

The event, led by the volunteer group created from social networks #GeekGirls,  will be an opportunity to reflect on the impact of ICT on gender and the challenges to harness and enhance the opportunities and advantages that these technologies offer to improve the quality of life, educational process, economic and social development of all women and their family contexts. 
The seminar will be from 8am to 5pm local time. You are all invited to join this day and contribute to women digital inclusion in our country. Please follow tweets from hashtag #Geekgirls or twitter account @geekgirls_co.
For more information, please  follow this link http://pio.la/platforms/brigadadigital/ or contact:
Margarita María Mora  tel. 3443460  

Claudia Berbeo           cel. 315 2288626  
Claudia Hurtado          cel. 300 5699467

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